Andover Cricket Club News story

Cricket Video Challenge

28 May 2020

Colleagues,  all young cricketers ....and their parents/carers....   are invited to take part in a cricket video ‘festival’ and challenge during the next week, celebrating an aspect of cricket that they would like to record in a short video!   Here are the details:

  • The challenge is to design, script and deliver a short video (max 2 to 3 mins) on any aspect of cricket.
  • This could be on catching, batting, bowling, umpiring, scoring, or any cricket skill!  It must be cricket-related.
  • This is for any children and young people involved in junior cricket.
  • The aim is to have fun and create an interesting and helpful video!  And most of all.... to have fun!
  • This could be about something you enjoy and are learning, or something you already do well.
  • Two prizes: one for the most professional Master Class, and the other prize for the most entertaining Master Class.
  • Family members (including pets) can be involved if you wish!
  • With parental permission, entries could be posted on a website or social media channels (please say if this is not wanted)
  • Entries must be sent to the Juniors’ Organiser for Petersfield CC, Paddy May......and....
  • Please also copy your email/video to your club junior organiser, so they can perhaps use it within your club.
  • Entries must be received by Monday morning 1 June and sent to: Paddy May at:      


The idea has been created by Alistair Thompson, a team manager at Portsmouth CC, with the support of Tim Jacobs, the Development Officer with South East Hants District Junior Cricket, and Paddy May, the Petersfield Junior Cricket Organiser.  They have enlisted the support of the Michael May Young Cricketers Foundation which has put £100 towards the prizes, and this has been matched by a local company, making £200 in all.


Here’s an example  of what could be created:  


Please remember, the idea is to have fun and focus on cricket skill(s).  It’s not about winning a prize, even though that’s possible of course. Please do remember to observe all the national rules/guidelines that currently govern what we can do.   And get your entry in by Monday morning 1st June 2020.