Andover Cricket Club News story


12 Aug 2019

It is with an extremely heavy heart that the club has to share the news of Lesley Morgan's passing. She was an integral member of our club for over 40 years and right up until her untimely death, was actively pushing ACC forwards as President of the club. A big thank-you to John Baxter for his words about Lesley's time with the club. 

Lesley began her scoring career with Andover CC at Paultons in 1979. In those days the Paultons away dressing room was separated from the rest of the pavilion by a partition that would be pulled to one side during the tea interval to open the room up.


Andover had batted first and we had been bowled out for just over 90 and so the mood was rather sombre during the interval as Lesley came to join us. Somehow she got trapped as the partition was pulled back and was still in the changing area as we began to get ready to go and field. Emrys Williams was going to keep wicket that afternoon and he began to put on an old fashioned abdominal protector. This contraption was an all in one garment that included a box and padding that stretched up from the box to protect the body. To put this required him to be almost naked from the waist down. As he was about to commence the proceedings someone pointed out to him that Lesley was still with us to which Emrys replied, ‘Nothing she hasn’t seen before’ and carried on. Amazingly, despite this start, Lesley continued to score for the 1st XI for many, many years.


Her score book was always a picture of accuracy and diligence. It was Lelsey who first began to use different coloured pens for each bowler before it became the norm. Lesley soon became an important figure within cricket administration and served on several cricket committees always with the same level of diligence and commitment that she brought to her scoring.


Another side of Lesley that wasn’t so well known was her love of theatre. She would regularly visit the theatre often taking her mother with her.


Everyone connected with Andover Cricket Club in whatever way will be saddened by her passing and send their condolences to her family.