Andover Cricket Club - VIP lunch 25th Apr 2010

Brian Funnell & Andy Hooper

Legends in their own lifetimes – Andover Cricket Club is proud to have 2 of them...

 Brian "Horace" Funnell
Andrew J Hooper 

Brian Horace Funnell – the phrase Legend in their own life time, is used too often and without true meaning – but today, Brian Funnell is a legend in his own life time – his contribution to cricket locally is second to none. Let me give you a potted history of Brian’s achievements at Andover Cricket Club and his contribution to cricket in the region...

BHF or Horace, as we all love to know him, joined ACC in the mid sixties, around 1965. He became treasurer in 1966, and continued to be treasurer until 1973. In 1980 he became President of ACC a post he held until 1985 when he ‘switched’ with the late great, Roly Cook and became Chairman until 1992 – from 92 until 95, he did nothing…well that is not strictly true – he was on the committee and has ‘Treasurer’ in the background. He became Chairman again in 1995, until he resigned in 2009, last year. Brian was I know honored to be elected a life member of ACC in 1990. BHF was elected with the Test Valley sports award in 1990 and he was also treasurer for the inaugural Southern Premier League committee from 2000 2004.

During tenure of his various roles, BHF was responsible for; the refurbishment of this pavilion and the signing of the lease with TVCB. He was always chasing members who not paid their dues – almost to the extent of running on the field of play and informing the first team captain that he had not paid his subs.

Brian may have retired from ‘formal roles’ at ACC, but continues, with Andy to meet with our Council to secure the future of our great club. It is with sadness that Brain retired as Chairman, but I know we will continue to see him at the club, I hope for many years to come.

The commitment and devotion of Brian Funnell is a model for us all – he has gained the respect of every member of at the club he has come into contact with and has been at the forefront of most things that ACC has achieved in the last 40 years.

A legend in his own life time, Ladies and Gentleman, I give you Brian Horace Funnell… 

Andy Hooper – I remember when Hoops first came to the club…Ray Simpson…that was in 1984…and the club has not looked back since. I lost count of times that Andy as a player pulled the club out of the mire his left arm spin bowling. He has threatened to retire on numerous but thankfully he has not yet!!!  For many years Andy was Chairman of the Colts and is in my view thanks to Andy’s commitment and devotion, along with his willingness to see youngsters succeed is why the Club is thriving today…

Hoops has held many posts during his time in Andover. He was Chairman of the Colts for many years and it was under Andy’s guidance at that time that we saw the youth section grow and prosper – since his time as Chairman of the colts, he has still played, literally an active role in the youth sections development. It was maybe as Captain of the senior first team that Andy excelled the most – his leadership and motivation skills certainly bought the best out of his young side.

For the past few years Andy has been President of the Club. It was from this position that Andy was able to guide the club along the path it needed to go - he is totally committed to ACC and it is with regret that the club accepted his resignation as President at the AGM last year.

Andy’s expertise with the ball and knowledge of the game has been well documented and known by us all, but it is in his ‘official’ posts that we give Andy our sincere thanks and recognition today. I am delighted that Andy continues to ‘serve’ the club he loves dearly, as he continues with Brian to try and secure the future of ACC.

Ladies and gentleman, a true legend in his own lifetime, Andy J Hooper.

A few words from the Chairman...

As the new Chairman of such a great club I would like to welcome many guests to London Road for a VIP lunch buffet, with friends old and new, to experience the new era at Andover Cricket Club. I am pleased that joining us today are Councillor Chris Lynn – Deputy Mayor, Sir George Young and Councillor Ian Carr – Leader of TVBC. We also welcome many of our Life Members and Vice Presidents. Nice to see several of our Club Sponsors attending and those people who have been involved with the club over many years. In addition, it’s great that some of our 1st and 2nd XI squad members had a chance to meet and greet the dignitaries and guests.


The event is intended not only as a celebration for two special members but also the announcement of a new era at the club, building on the foundations of many years work.


Change is often difficult to accept, but change we sometimes need to do, so in 2010 we see not only a new committee, but also 5 new team captains. Communication is paramount in a club of our size with over 300 members needing to be kept informed. So when I accepted the role of Chairman I had a vision to bring the club into the 21st century…this has initially been achieved through the new website; central communication portal, on-line secure members database, availability and on-line selection process, results service and reports produced to be download to Andover Advertiser, dynamic averages calculations, sponsor area for promotions and document management to store the clubs import policy and accreditation information.


I would like to recognise the efforts made by some of the committee:-

> Ken Brown – excellent work preparing the ground and facilities for us to play

> Geoff Dunn – producing averages for the club, running the Fantastic League

> Lesley Morgan – tireless work administering club matters for Andover and Regional cricket

> Ali Hooper – producing the new Fixture card and arranging over £1,000 sponsorship
> Simon Mundy – contributing significant funds for development of the showers


Two new faces to welcome to the club

> Will Prozesky – joined us from Havant prestigious run scoring, 3rd in all-time SEPL list

> James O’Gorman – from Christchurch in New Zealand, U19 training squad, working with our Youth section


During winter we have spent time in branding of the club, with new logo, which is represented on

Fixture cards and Club clothing (playing shirts, leisure wear and ties).


I would like to thank David Brown and his team for an excellent job on the catering and superb buffet lunch, which was finished with coffee and special cup cakes…


In closing, I had a vision a few months ago and today that vision is realised, and I hope that working together over the coming days, weeks and months we can facilitate change, whilst maintaining the ethos of Andover as “a friendly club, a family club, a community club,  a youth development club – We are Andover Cricket Club”...