Andover Cricket Club - President's Day - Sixes

President's Day - Sixes

No Hopers...I think not!!
The Annual Andover CC “6-a-side” competition was yet again another triumph…

6 teams gathered at a sunny London Road for the President's 6 a side competition on Saturday 4th September. The 6 team captains were Ali Hooper (Team name - Business time), James O'Gorman (Norm's no hopers), Jonty Hadfield (Bananas in Pyjamas), Dan Leavesly (Team Leavo), Luke Andrews (Andover Argyle) and Matt Goodman (dojo the drunken dragon). The teams competed in two leagues of 3 teams with the top 2 going through to the semi-finals. Early shock exits came to Jonty Hadfield's Bananas in Pyjamas team and Matt Goodman's Ninjas. A tight semi-final between Ali Hooper's Business Time and James O'Gorman's Norm's no hopers resulted in Andy Sale not being able to hit 6 off the final over bowled by O'Gorman himself to see his side into the final. The other semi-final between Andover Argyle and Team Leavo was also a close fought battle with Argyle coming out on top thanks to some Jack Andrews power-hitting. One run separated the two teams in the final between Andover Argyle and Norm's no hopers, with Norm's no hopers finishing victorious. They started the competition badly, losing their first game and were massive underdogs but as the competition progressed, they showed maturity beyond their years to lift the winner’s trophy. The winning team included - James O'Gorman, Jay Mann, Brendan Clarke, Hamish Morton, Jack Kent and James Duckworth.

Big thanks go to our president TK for organising an awesome day and supplying everyone with enough food and drink to keep them going. A special thanks must go to Lesley Morgan for scoring all day, Brad and Nigel for umpiring, Georgina Goodman for taking some the photos and all the players for taking part and playing in the right spirit.