Andover Cricket Club News story

ACC Youth Section AGM

07 Jan 2021

Dear All


At this time of year we normally hold our AGM but clearly it is not possible to hold the meeting in person

this year so I propose to deal with things by email as our governing body, Winchester Warriors, have done. 


I see no particular benefit in organising a Zoom session when all we will be doing is reporting on the state

of the club, including the finances and re-electing officers for next year, and I have therefore set out below

the points/information which would have formed the agenda for the AGM and invite you to make any

important comments by 6pm please on 10th January. I will then use the contents of this email, taking

into account any relevant comments, to form the minutes of the AGM which will be provided to the adult committee.


Chairman’s Update:


The minutes of the 2019 AGM are available to anyone who wishes to see them.


My email of last September outlined what we achieved on the cricket field last summer and again my

thanks go to all our coaches, match managers and selectors; also to those of you who scored and

umpired etc on match days; and finally, especially to those committee members who put in huge

amounts of time in dealing with membership, training and Covid cricket matters.


In September we put forward a record number of players for Hants Cricket’s winter training Central District

squads. Sadly, due to lockdown etc, the trials were interrupted and at this time winter training programmes

are on hold due to virus restrictions.


Similarly to the above, Winchester Warriors indoor winter cricket fixtures have had to be postponed but

we had entered teams for the first time for several years and the initial games were successful and enjoyed by all.


We continue to keep an eye on the possibilities for winter training but, at this stage, I feel it is increasingly

unlikely that anything will be possible. Rest assured that if restrictions are lifted we will do our best to arrange

something for as many members as we can, though this will be a challenge given the likely short notice period we will have.


Lastly on cricket matters, we plan to enter new teams at U11B(2) and U15B levels next season. If they are

accepted by Winchester Warriors, the intention is for the former to provide incrediball cricket for those mainly

year 5 players who have not yet progressed to hardball cricket. The latter (U15) team would play by default on

Friday evenings where it can be boosted if needed by our stronger U13s section but will enable those in

years 9 and 10 to continue to play for the club before moving into the adult section thereafter. We are also

hoping to encourage our year 9 and 10 players to join the adult third team for some Sunday friendly matches,

an initiative which began last summer holidays with some success. Other teams will be similar to previous years.


Financial/Membership Comments:


Membership numbers were up in 2020 and we have said that subscriptions will be held over until next

season other than any normal increases eg from U9 to U11s. I don’t envisage any other increases at this

stage unless the financial status of the club so requires. So, assuming normal times return – no guarantee

of course - there will be no training fees next summer, unless we continue on into the summer holidays as

we did last year (the season normally ends at the end of the summer term) in which case we will aim to operate

extra sessions under a “pay and play” system again as last year. Match fees will be charged as usual next

season – see below.


The club took circa £5,000 in subscription, training and match fees for the 2020 year. The reason we charged

training fees was that we had no idea as to how many training sessions we would be able to hold. We therefore

said we would charge on the basis of the number of sessions attended by each member and that the

subscription they had paid would be held over to the 2021 season.


The club picked up members during the season and we were able to run an additional Under 9 team which

was well supported. Next season we plan to run three Under 9 teams again, three U11 teams (see above)

and also a new U15 team (again see above) as well as our usual U13 team. 


2021 Fees: 

Subscriptions: for next season these will only apply to those joining for the first time, and for those

moving up to U11s from U9s where the increase will be £20 (ie from £50-£70). Subscription rates for

new members will remain at £50 for U9s and £70 for U11s and upwards.

Training fees: there will be no training fees (other than winter training if appropriate) unless we have

another interrupted season in which case we will review matters as time progressesIf demand allows

we will look into extending training into the summer holidays and such additional sessions as are arranged

after the usual end of the season will be charged on an appearance basis.

Match fees: these will remain at £5 per player per match played. As for last season we will try to avoid

cash collections and make an overall charge to each member who has played at the end of the season.

Please note that  Winchester Warriors are planning to provide a programmes of friendly matches through

the summer holidays on top of the usual league and cup games which are played through the main season

to late July. Thus there will be junior cricket beyond the usual end of season at the end of the summer term..


Welfare Report:


There are no major items to report in respect of safeguarding matters. We give you our on-going commitment

towards providing a robust and transparent safeguarding framework. 

At the time of writing there is still major uncertainty as to the future rules and regulations. Government advice/regulations

are currently changing weekly. However, we do know that the government is keen to allow junior sport to

be played as far as possible, but it is too soon to say now whether we can expect a normal cricket season

in 2021. We will continue to absorb any new Covid-19 guidelines in order to set out procedures which

will focus on the health, safety and well-being of all our members.


Officers for 2021:


The three main officers of the junior section have kindly agreed to continue for another year and thus,

unless anyone wishes to propose alternatives, I therefore intend to confirm the re-election of:


Chairman…….Nick Hopton

Membership Sec……Charlotte Chamberlin

Welfare Officer…….Clare Thain


The various age group managers, again unless someone wishes to propose alternatives, will be:


U15  Phil James (note new team which if all goes to plan will play on Friday nights)

U13  Phil James; assisted by Alan Wright

U11A  Ian Morris/Kevin Fullerton; assisted by Clare Thain

U11B  Kunal Parek; assisted by Caroline Hopton

U11C tbc

U9A  Simon Everard

U9B  Gurmeet Pahuja

U9C tbc


I will of course consider any points raised by the deadline mentioned above before finalising the AGM minutes

for forwarding to the adult committee. I apologise for dealing with matters in this way but in the current

times it seems the best way forward.


It only remains for me to say “Stay Safe” and send you all my best wishes for 2021. I hope very much

to see you all on the cricket fields later in the year!


Kind regards


Nick Hopton


(Chairman Youth Section)